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Hi friends,

I've been a bit quiet as of late, I'm thinking of designing some icons for android.
I love minimal icons, usually greyscale with one color as highlight. but I would like to know what type of icons you'd like to see.

Comment below and I might enlist some beta testers when things get going ;)
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Wow what a tough week this last one was:

First I ended up with this crazy chest infection and fever that knocked me out for a week.
In the midst of that huge rains flooded a great deal of my wife's province in Thailand, and our village was hit fairly bad by it. On top of that there was no power, no running water, no access to the city except by military type vehicles for several days.

Even though there was damage done, thankfully everyone is accounted for and ok. We felt certain someone was looking out for us and protecting us. Now just waiting for the water levels to go down and everything to dry out.

Comments for free

Tue Aug 24, 2010, 1:24 AM

I read that some people are trading comments/fav's for points :shocked:

Well I'll do better than that!! I'll give you one for free =D
If you want me to comment on a deviation of yours, leave a link below!

I might even :+fav: it too! :tighthug:

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Birthday cake

Thu Jul 1, 2010, 12:21 AM

Hi guys,

Wow I didn't realise you could give birthday cakes!!! Thats awesome.
Its my birthday soon - July 6th. If you want to give me a present why not send me a piece of cake, or send me a point or two. If you can't do that then a lama would suffice =D.


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customizing win7 start menu

Thu May 27, 2010, 12:58 AM

I know there are several pop-up / shortcut menu apps that are very well done.
I personally quite like the Windows 7 start menu, but wish it was a bit more customizable.

One thing I'd love to do would be to add links to shortcuts on the right pane of the start menu (currently where libraries and recent items are etc)

Does anyone know if it is possible through some registry tweaking or some other application to modify the right pane of the start menu?


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Japanese Friends

Wed Feb 24, 2010, 11:07 PM


I've stumbled across an interesting program called Explorer Construction from…, its only in Japanese and not in English, and I've worked out some of what it might do via Google translate, but I can't work out the program itself as its in Japanese.

Just wondering if anyone could give me more information on what it does =)

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The Best Customization sites

Thu Nov 26, 2009, 6:57 AM

Hi guys,

I need your help.
I'd love to know all the sites you know about in relation to desktop customization, they could be sites similar to DeviantArt,, or PF. Other sites might tutorials / resources, forums, or feature ites.

you can comment here,
or you can comment on the DitchDefault journal page…

Thanks for your help guys, this resources will help many others too =D

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Tue Nov 24, 2009, 9:21 PM

Some of you may remember my idea to start a DeviantArt group dedicated to customization.
Well I couldn't wait for DA to get the groups function live, so I decided to make DitchDefault for the time being.

If you join up there's no pressure to be actively involved, how the group will work exactly is not yet clearly, that will have to be worked out once the groups function is released. However read through the page and offer any suggestions and ideas you might have. I envision it to be a hub and a starting place. Rather than trying to take over from any other communities. There are many great websites and resources out there, and we can let people know about them =)

Once again anyone can :+watch: and join the group, but if you see yourself as being an active member in the future for example helping newcomers, writing up tutorials, scouting for news and developments in the scene, betatesting etc. Then leave a message on the page to the effect of "I'm in!" =)

The current home for ditchdefault is so check it out



Customizers Unite =)

I've been thinking more about getting a Customization Group started up when the new DA Groups feature gets released. I was still thinking of the name DitchDefault. Would you be interested in being a groupie (an active participating member)?

Initially I thought the group would be simply Windows customization, but do you think Linux and OSX etc. should also be included in the group? I personally think with that much scope the group might not be focused enough. As it is, in Windows alone there are so many areas.

I think that if there was a group then there could be some different areas/sub areas.
I'm not sure what's the best way to go about that. So would love to know what you think

Finally, pretty much everyone I know in the Customization scene are really great folk, and what we do is for the love and for the challenge, not to make money or because we want everyone to know how great we are.
I would like you to suggest people that you think could head up certain areas of the group, obviously they would need to be contacted to see if they want to take on the responsibility. Each area could have multiple helping, also I know you could nominate yourself but everyone will have an active role to play in the group. I definitely don't want membership to be exclusive. Maybe there would have to be some basic criteria, such as having 5 submissions to DA that in some way relate to Desktop Customization. I'd love to get as many people on board as possible.

I don't know what is possible with the Groups page, but I'd like to see a section with links to the customization pages that YOU manage, as a way to link the community a bit tighter. I have other ideas but have no idea whether they will work.

Anyways let me know what you think =)

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Thu Oct 29, 2009, 11:22 AM

Has anyone tested out… which reportedly converts blackbox themes into some sort of Windows 7 theme. I doubt it works perfectly, but would be interested to hear if anyone has had any sort of succes with it.

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Hi guys,

I really think Deviantart could improve the way we browse through deviations.
It would be great if there were the options for filters.. and maybe you have some great ideas for what type of filters could be added.

I've made a few suggestions here -->…
If you have any more ideas or some comments maybe you could post what you think (in that forum link). So far the only people that have commented are those that don't see the value in it. And thats cool, but maybe there are some people that would like it. =)
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Is it possible to search deviant artists, and search by criteria such as country that they are from.
or say search those that list themselves as photographers etc?

and if not? why not! ;)
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If you have ever tried to make a Visual Style on Windows Vista or Windows 7 you will know its not an easy feat. Vista Style Builder changed all that, and now with its latest release things got even easier.

Below is the information as posted on the members forum. If you haven't yet purchased yourself a copy of the program, or you want to know more then head to &n…;

Version 1.5 of Vista Style Builder has just been released and focusses on full Windows 7 compatibility as well as new features. You can get this version thru the download link you received in your activation e-mail.

Changelog 1.5:

FIX: lastImageId is now set correctly by default, newly compiled themes will no longer crash when logging on
FIX: Fixed memory leak when opening a lot of themes
FIX: Searching is somewhat faster
FIX: STREAM/atlas generator works better for border cases resulting in smaller STREAMS for better system performance
FIX: One-time uxtheme patcher are now launched correctly
FIX: Windows 7 classes, parts and states are finalized (PandaX)
FIX: Vista to Windows 7 MsStyles converter has been fixed (PandaX)
FIX: Open-file dialogs not working should be fixed now (upgraded GUI library to new version)
FIX: editing RECT properties on Windows 7 should now work
FIX: "add property" and "remove property" buttons will no longer disappear
FIX: Missing icons on Windows 7

ADD: Integrated help/wiki system
ADD: tabs for multiple images
ADD: Option to Switch between Basic/Aero mode (shift+click = test in basic mode directly)
ADD: Search for colors in either r,g,b or #RRGGBB format
ADD: Search for colors in images
ADD: Window position is now retained when closing the application
ADD: Last opened file is opened by default
ADD: Image dimensions are displayed on the image preview
ADD: Shift+click on the edit button to change the image editor used

I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good rainmeter config for a to-do list.

I'd love to have something now that I seem to have more things that I can remember, it doesn't have to be fancy but just simple and clean. Any recommendations?
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I'd really like to make the start button width smaller.
I have a minimal (appear on hover) start button for the Win7 base VS but I'd like the actual start button to not take up so much real estate. Am I dreaming or is possible?

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Sorry that its taking me a while to get the base Win7 VS out. I had made quite a few variations of fonts and colors, but then realized there were still alot of things still not quite right.

I've still got a few more things to get right, and then will be doing some font variations and then upload a RC release =)

Thanks for your patience
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The Gaia09 Collection is at the top of today's popular collections =)
for proof check…

Do your bit and :+fav: the collection… and… too  =)
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I'm nearing completion on the base VS for Win7…

I have Cure, Kroeger, Haxor fonts done for 3 minimal pixel fonts.
I need another suggestion apart from Calibri for a larger readable font for those less into pixel fonts.

and also what extra color options would you like apart from pink (let me know know in a hex value or RGB)
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I'm having fun messing around with VSB in win7.

I have a question for those that have been skinning in win7?
1) Is it possible to hide the "organize" bar in explorer
2) and how would one go about editing the style of the "organize" bar?

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I've gone ahead and purchased VSB so I can make some personal skins for Win 7.
Without being able to customize my VS, I just cant stick with win 7 =) but maybe now it will be worth the switch.

Looking forward to messing around with VSB ... I'm sure it will take me a while to get the hang of it.
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